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We are dedicated to the safe, secure and environmentally sustainable recycling of all types of recordable media, X-ray Film and Computers.

In today’s environmentally conscious world we believe the recycling, separation and recovery of materials plays an important part in UK manufacturing. We are also aware that the world has amassed a huge number of magnetic media from VHS and audio cassettes through to professional tape and reels for the broadcast market, all of which are extremely difficult to recycle.

At EMS we’ve looked at the issues of recycling this type of material and have designed a recycling process that enables the recovery of over 78% of the materials from your media assets with zero landfill and less than 22% being sent to waste to energy. Helping our clients to stay faithful to their corporate social responsibility and environmental policies.

With over 12 years experience servicing the Broadcast, medical, industrial and corporate sectors our innovative approach helps us to develop fresh solutions to familiar problems, allowing your waste to be comprehensively recycled while staying faithful to a zero landfill policy.

We are licensed through the Environment Agency and fully compliant with the Data Protection Act so you can rest assured by hiring our services you are staying faithful to your environmental and legal obligations.

Please take a moment to match your needs against our solutions. No matter what the scope or scale of the challenge, we’d like to put our unique experience and perspective to work for you.

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14 Nov 2014

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